You have gold, but it's not getting the love it used to. It's either not bringing you joy, an ex lover gave it to you, but you know the bottom of your jewelry box is no home for your precious metal. It deserves to see the daylight!

So let's give your gold a new chapter of life so it can be apart of yours again.

The Recycled Gold Checklist

1. Weigh your gold if you can so you can understand how much you have. We weigh in grams, if you cannot weigh it no problem, we will do this regardless. This is just for you to understand how much you have before you start the recycling journey.

2. Email me to start the project. Please use "Recycling Gold" in the subject.

3. Send me your pieces for the cost of the shipping label. I cannot be responsible if the pieces get lost, so it is up to you to get insurance and get a signature for the shipping. I would recommend a signature for sure.

4. I will test and weigh everything (minus any stones) and send you the final run down of how much you have. I only recycle solid 14k yellow gold right now, so if it's a mix of different karats, I will not be able to mix it together. I will test everything I get to make sure its pure so they can mix together beautifully. Anything that isn't I will simply just ship back to you.

5. You get credit! You will get $30/gram back in credit to our store or a custom project! Then I will melt it down and use it to remake your new piece.

*please note $30/gram is slightly less than what gold is worth today, we have factored in a small amount for our time to process, melt and remake :)

Happy recycling!