Hi Friends!

Sunflower Jam started as a curious hobby driven by some serious day job blues (hello fashion industry!) and the need for a creative outlet (hello diamond district!). I was frustrated that many jewelry companies made it so difficult to customize and how insane mark ups were for solid 14k gold pieces—so I learned to make the things I dreamed of wearing that I couldn't afford.

I quickly learned how beautiful it was to make pieces that would never lose their value, pieces that had the flexibility to be exactly what the customer was dreaming of, and could be passed down for generations. There is nothing quite like working on a piece for someone that they are going to take with them on life's journey. I want these pieces to not just be Sunflower Jam, but something personal, to be treasured and worn until the cows come home.

I have taken a lot of time to not only source materials and packaging thoughtfully and sustainably, but to have my business support other small businesses I have made relationships with in NYC. Seeing SJ support small vendors and local artists for custom projects (hello my amazing illustration, photography, and 3D friends!) brings me so much joy. 

Sunflower Jam is sort of an extension of me and my quirky personality, not limited to its products, but a world that is fun loving, flexible, committed to the finest sustainable materials, and inspired by its customers and the reality in which the treasures live their long life— until, of course, they would be melted down and remade new again.

Which btw, I'm proud to say that we do that, and we give you a hell of a discount too ;)

With love,

Billie Beth

Maker of the Jam

about the brand

Sunflower Jam is the home of tiny treasures that are meant to be loved for a lifetime. We make custom orders easy, offer a unique lifetime relationship, and are committed to a zero waste process and sustainable fine materials.

Each piece is consciously crafted and made to order in Brooklyn, NY.


A one woman-owned business that works hard to maintain:

  • ethically sourced stones and solid 14k gold
  • flexibility to customize
  • all packaging is made from 100% recycled materials 
  • strive to maintain a zero waste process 
  • consider each design and piece an intentional add to the brand
  • treat everyone we work with the utmost respect and kindness
  • maintain friendly 1.5-2.5x markups instead of 4x-8x like most brands
  • partner with local artists for artwork
  • offer a unique recycled gold discount--tired of your piece? send it to us and we will breathe new life into it again. 



What a treasure to meet you!
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